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Backtick: Issue tracker for humans

Accomplish more while doing less — Backtick helps engineering teams set high level goals and focus on just the work that matters to meet them.

Backtick is in early alpha, send us your ideas to make it better.

Why We Made It

What should I work on next?

These are the questions engineering teams constanly ask themselves, and ones we couldn't answer easily by looking at our issue tracker (and we tried them all).

We also had to chase (and be chased) to keep them up to date.

So we created Backtick. Here's how it's different:

Big picture progress at a glance

Issue trackers are hard to parse because they lack overarching organization; everything is at the task level.

Backtick's approach is twofold:

1. Flexible, nested hierarchy to organize

Organize issues in as many levels of hierarchy as you need. Re-organize easily.

2. Color-coded timeline delivers a gut check

A color-coded timeline shows you what's going on inside each bucket in the hierarchy to get the big picture.

Drive from the command line

Backtick meets engineers where they already are with a command line client that makes all issues easily accessible and editable.

No more context switching.

Documentation, specs, and issues all in one place

Inspired by the Readme's and notes engineers keep in the code base, and how long it takes to load external document links, we built rich text editing into Backtick so everything you need to know can live in the issue itself.

Rich text editing, tables, and embedded images lets whole product specs live inside the issue description. Documentation and notes sits right beside the issues. Turn a completed task straight into documentation.

2-way git integration to tie issues and branches together

The commit log is the record of truth, but it's hard to make sense of it. Backtick let's you link git references and issues, to make sure everything is accounted for.

Drag a commit to a task, or drag a commit to a project to automatically create a new task from the commit.

Plus the stardard stuff and a few extras we've always wanted

Keyboard driven UI

It's so much faster to type. Quick task entry recognizes key words as you type. Hot keys and shortcuts let you do everything without touching the mouse.

Quickly create a related issue from an issue

Issues often get too big and need to be chopped up. Right-click any highlighted text in the issue description to create a related issue in the same bucket.

AI surfaces what's imporant and nudges things along

A suddenly blocked P1 issue. A work in progress status for two weeks. Machine learning alerts you to the urgent and neglected issues, via Slack or email (wherever you are paying attention).

Boards? We have them

What's in progress for an feature? How is the work balanced by person? Boards by status and by person answer those questions fast.

Try the Alpha

Backtick is in development with a tight feedback loop from a few companies. Do you want to give it a spin too?

Note: you have to authenticate with Slack for now, this will change soon.

How can we make it better? Email us.